My powers are in the name of the creator of the universe and my esoteric powers come from the initiation given to me by my father.

I, Raymond ATIOGBE, I am welcoming you on this site through which you will peruse in utter peace and in truth. The absolute truth comes from my ancestors esoteric and heritage and naturopathy culture – which goes back five centuries up to now.

What I can not do is what I do not what to do; and what I do not want to do is the bad and destruction on one hand.
Despite the fact I do not have a magic stick, I admit to that, my father gave me the gift of the leaves from the trees, and their duality. Namely: the ancestral heritage of Esotericism and, naturopathy on the other hand.

I can say with or without pretension that in this discipline I have no failings.

Also, if you are being deceived by the practise of Esotericism, you must not let this discourage you from it.
The doors to my surgery will always stay open to welcome you and to pleasantly surprise you by concrete and solid results.

signature2Glory to the Father, the eternal Father, the eternal creator of the universe;
You only can help me arrange to perfection everything that troubles those who come to consult me in the name of you – Holy Father.